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The Significance of Holy Week
What is Advocacy--and Why
    Should We Care?
Chaplains Help Others Grieve,
    and Learn to Grieve

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August 2011 | Adult Resources

Be sure to first read the Bible study materials in the June issue of Baptists Today before using these resources. The video, Digging Deeper notes and Rick Jordan's teaching guides all assume that this material has been read. You can subscribe to the print or digital version of Baptists Today here.

Teaching Resources

Click the links below to download a PDF containing a full month of resources.

FIT Teaching Guides by Rick Jordan

Digging Deeper by Tony Cartledge

The Hardest Question by Tony Cartledge


Scripture Link for August 21   |    FaithElement for August 21

Scripture Link for August 28   |    FaithElement for August 28


Tony's Video Comments

August 7, 2011:

August 14, 2011:

August 21, 2011:

August 28, 2011: