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BTSR awarded grants for development and missions immersion program

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR) has recently been awarded two grants which will be instrumental in funding future pursuits. The Wabash Center, an organization which seeks to promote and further theological education, awarded $18,000 to be used in BTSR’s Missions Immersion Experience (MIE) program, an intercultural requirement of all students who pursue the M.Div degree program. The Robins Foundation, in their second grant to the seminary this year, awarded BTSR a $10,000 grant restricted for use in resources for the development of funding prospects in conjunction with the seminary’s current matching campaign.

      The Wabash grant will facilitate greater depth of instruction in the MIE program. “We desire to move to new heights of pedagogy at BTSR, and the grant will help us to bring five MIE coordinators from three continents to BTSR campus in September,” explains Dr. Caleb Oladipo, director of BTSR’s MIE program and Professor of Christian Mission and World Christianity. “What they do with our students is important, but this will help them rediscover the program’s significance and its transformative impact in the lives of our students.” The MIE program allows students to become immersed in a culture different from their own and promotes shared learning. The program is unique to BTSR.

     The Robins grant will make possible more avenues of development in cultivating donor relationships specifically by helping BTSR complete its current matching campaign, “Opening the Door for the Future.” The seminary is within $35,000 of meeting its goal of raising $500,000, which will be matched to raise a total of $1 million toward training women and men for ministry.



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