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Turning the tables ...

You're familiar with the popularity of cute animal videos? I hardly ever click the links, but see them "shared" on Facebook all the time -- kittens and puppies being adorable in their own right, grown cats and dogs doing surprising or amazing things -- happy vignettes to lift the spirits and keep from working, right?

A sweet friend from Greensboro has a puppy who's working to turn the tables, and recently shared his picture with me. "Doc" (short for "Sir Doctor Edwin of Ghent") is a 14-week-old golden retriever, and he has apparently taken a liking to my videos for the Nurturing Faith curriculum published by Baptists Today.

Seriously. I don't know if Doc thinks I'm doing funny people tricks, or if he's just waiting to see if I will come out of the little box so he can pounce on me. In either case, the picture made me smile.

I needed that to keep me from crying over enlightening but frightening stories like this one, on how the long term strategy of a far right faction of Bible-idolizing reconstructionist Christians has contributed to the destructive insurrection underway in Washington, where a small group of ideologues has paralyzed their own party and held the federal government hostage for the past two weeks, with the debt limit looming.

Help me, Doc ... let's see that picture again. If only the video was cuter ...

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