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Deeper into the Word: Reflections on 100 Words from the Old Testament

By Keri Wyatt Kent

Following the blueprint of the New Testament volume previously released, these two-page chapters provide background information on various words used in the Old Testament. By probing the Hebrew word or words that English word represents, along with the historical and cultural context, Keri Kent gives insight into the meaning of the Scripture text.

Kent is a layperson writing for laypersons. She does not intend for readers to uncover deep or theological meanings, but rather to gain introductions that will encourage them to probe deeper into the study of God’s Word. Although 100 Words can be used as devotional reading, it is intended to be used alongside the Bible and as a reference or basis for further study with the use of a concordance, Bible dictionary and/or commentary.


Why Call Friday Good? Spiritual Reflections for Lent and Holy Week

By Chuck Queen

Although we have already started the 2012 Lenten journey, it’s not too late to add this devotional resource to your weekly personal meditation times or to use it in Sunday school lessons or sermons or other oral communications. Perhaps it would be best utilized as a stand-alone study piece for Holy Week.

Short and to the point, the reflections are based on the seven last words of Jesus from the cross (including an Easter message). Combining scriptural study and illustrations from modern culture, they invite readers to contemplate the spiritual, theological and biblical significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus – and to apply the Lenten principles in a personal way. Chapter titles include:

Feeling Forsaken

Preemptive Forgiveness

The Gospel in a Snapshot

A New Family

Thirsting for Life

The Glory of Love

Why Call Friday Good?

Choosing Life



40 Days to Better Living: Optimal Health

Scott Morris

(Church Health Center)

One of many resources available from the largest faith-based clinic of its type in the U.S., this volume provides clear, manageable steps to achieve maximum overall health through life-changing attitudes and actions. Although the approach of Optimal Health may seem simplistic to some readers, the accountability factor and clear focus may be necessary for persons requiring more discipline to make needed lifestyle changes. And, the 40-day plan makes it a good companion for this season’s Lenten journey.

The book’s colorful and inviting layout, practical advice, biblical encouragement, and stories of real people who’ve taken the same journey make it quite approachable. Each week’s section begins with a one-page real-life story and then follows this progression:

Day 1 = Beginnings

Day 2 = Directions

Day 3 = Goals

Day 4 = Expectations

Day 5 = First steps

Day 6 = One step forward, one step back

Day 7 = Celebration

Each day’s section starts with a short morning reflection, followed by practices in the 7-step model -- faith, medical, movement, work, emotional, family and friends, and nutrition -- and ends with an “evening wrap-up” and a prayer.


The Beginner’s Bible Book of Prayers


Constructed of durable, padded board, this book is good for parents and their preschoolers to use together at bedtime or for the children to use while sitting in “big church.” The 20 short prayers, accompanied by humorous, cartoon-like illustrations in vibrant colors,  are helpful in teaching children how to pray while introducing them to Scripture and Bible characters and modern-day application of key concepts such as gratitude, hard work, forgiveness, wisdom, listening, courage, friendship, purpose, peace, sharing, kindness, security, honesty, love, contentment, happiness, generosity, patience, God’s family and prayer


Little Lion’s Bible/Little Lamb's Bible


With a soft, fuzzy, plush cover – complete with an adorable face and ears appropriate for said animal – each of these small books would make a nice gift for the upcoming Easter season. Children ages 2-5 could proudly take the books to church or other places and learn from them the basics of 10 Bible stories. Written in their language using rhyming text, and enhanced by colorful, delightful illustrations, they teach children that they are loved and cared for by God.