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We are all 'Saints'

By Josh Hunt

"Good morning, saints. Good morning, sinners."

So begins the weekly worship at a predominantly African-American church in Knoxville, Tenn., where I had the pleasure to preach several years ago.

The entire congregation responds after each greeting. The welcome conveys the sense in which we all have the capacity for greatness and goodness and we all have the capacity for wrong.

"Sinner" is a term I am very willing to embrace for myself, as it describes all too many of my words, actions and thoughts. I am not so apt to employ the term "saint," as it carries with it more weight and expectation and demand than I am usually willing to live out.

Sinner explains too much of my life; saint doesn't explain enough.

In the Christian tradition, All Saints' Day is when we remember those who have helped us be the people we are, those who have reached out to us when we did not reach back, those who have treated us better than we deserved to be treated, those who gave us some encouragement when we were terribly close to a breaking point, those who loved us when we weren't particularly lovable — those people that were, to us, saints.

We need to make time to celebrate the people who have positively impacted your life.  We need to make time to be those kind of people to someone else. 

-Josh Hunt is pastor of Ross Grove Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C.

Reader Comments (3)

You really need to study your Bible. Once a person becomes a Christian, they are no longer a sinner, but a Saint of God. A sinner is one who is without Christ. Sinner saved by grace is a term that has 'been grown' to acceptability...and what's wrong with having a high standard to live up to? Jesus Christ did...in fact, if you remember correctly, that high standard is what got Him put on the cross in the first place.

Nov 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMike Ramey

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Josh, pleasantly said....but you must not be reading the comments cause there are ads instead of posts to your discussion blog.

I want to thank you for mentioning 'all Saints Day' which was the real reason for a celebration ...and so many do not realize that All Saints Day was really the standard for the people to spend time remembering those that worked for the gospel's sake...but then the celebration of Halloween stole the show. There are many people who have not even heard of 'All Saints Day'. A dedicated believer will eventually find out about that celebration and why cause the Holy Spirit will teach.

The blood of Christ was shed so we could obtain the recognition that if we come to GOD and ask for forgiveness that the price for the sin debt was already paid so that if He accepts our apology then we again will walk in the Light if indeed we have done wrong that has caused darkness. Now that doesn't mean that He won't discipline and easily forgive....that means that we have the right to come before His throne to find His mercy and grace. He then works with us to teach us not to do the things that He detests for us...that is where we learn to hate the evil....and to cling to the good.

merry christmas.

Dec 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Gale

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