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A germinating thought

By Josh Hunt

Some scientists have developed a theory which states that our concern with being germ-free might actually be detrimental to our health. 

They suggest that we allow hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soaps to do what our bodies are actually designed to do: kill the germs that would make us sick.

The cells that are intended to attack bad germs do not suddenly lose their sense of purpose just because they have fewer germs to attack. They continue to attack, these scientists believe, and since there are fewer outside germs to attack, they turn on the body of which they are a part, and attack healthy cells. It's one of the theories about why some cancers develop.

Take the theory with a grain of salt if you wish. And please take my layman's terms and reporting of the theory with a grain of salt. 

But whether this scientific postulation holds water or not biologically, I know this phenomena in the church as a pastor. 

We have work to do, a calling to fulfill, energy to expend. When we aren't given the opportunity or don't take the opportunity to busy ourselves with the work that should keep us busy, we turn on each other. We attack the body of which we are a part.

Therefore, let the Church — and all the members thereof — be busy with the work to which we have been called. May we be too busy to nitpick, to venture into the peanut gallery, to turn on each other.

-Josh Hunt is pastor of Ross Grove Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C.

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