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Mary's Son

By D. Christian Nix

Fox's new sitcom Raising Hope is really growing on me. It is a comedy depicting a family living on the socio-economic margins of society (like Roseanne) – in stark contrast to the vast majority of programs that seemingly normalize the lives of the upper middle class and wealthy.

The basic storyline is that of a young twenty-something man, born to teenage parents whom he still lives with, learning to raise a baby girl, Hope, on his own. Oh yeah, and the mother of the child is a now executed serial killer (you may have to watch it yourself to grasp the humor in all this).

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‘Hell is Real’…and other things I learned driving through Kentucky

By D. Christian Nix

On a recent family road trip I got to see a lot of Kentucky – once on I-75, and again along I-65. I find myself on the road a lot, so I try to make it a point to absorb a bit of the culture wherever I am. I learned several things while driving through the Bluegrass State.

First, don't try booking a hotel in an SEC football town (Lexington) anywhere near the weekend of a home game – even the Motel 6 had become the Motel $600. Second, and directly related to the first, when driving well off the beaten path (which is not too hard to do in Ky.) in search of an affordable hotel, don't trust your GPS. Sometime around midnight we found ourselves staring at a pasture that was supposedly the address of a Hampton Inn.

Third, people in Kentucky are apparently big fans of 'bagel toppers' (a half bagel with a quiche-like substance baked on top). We spent two nights in Kentucky, and both hotels were serving them as the 'main entrée' for breakfast.


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'Someone just handed me a tract'

By Josh Hunt

As I type this, I am sitting at my favorite seat in my favorite office-away-from-office, the more intimate branch of the Broad River Coffee Company in Shelby, N.C. Over the past few months, I've observed with great interest some divinity students from Ambassador Baptist College (, which is an ultra-independent and ultra-fundamentalist college in nearby Lattimore.

I had never spoken a word to any of them, but I know they're divinity students because they're always loudly bitching about having to write sermons and not getting paid enough to do so, and I know they're from Ambassador because they're always dressed in suits and ties and I don't know them from G-Dubb [Gardner-Webb University].

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Easing his pain

By D. Christian Nix

I watched “Field of Dreams” with my wife the other night – a movie she had somehow never seen before. At the end, as the camera panned out and the seemingly infinite stream of cars arriving at the ball field in Iowa came into view, she stared at me aghast, mouth open.

"THAT’S IT?" she said. "People like this movie?"

I love it, but hey, I've got a man-crush on Kevin Costner so it's to be expected. Seriously though, the movie is called 'Field of DREAMS' – not 'field of actual events' or 'field of analytical history' or 'field of non-metaphorical, objective truth.' It's "DREAMS!"

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